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Become a Project Access Partner Organization

Project Access was begun in the interest of building partnerships and connecting the diverse communities of disability advocacy and service groups, arts organizations, cultural institutions, parks, and recreational and educational venues to support the mission of making the most inclusive communities in the world.

You and your organization already do so much to make arts, culture, recreation and education accessible to and inclusive of your truly diverse community, including people with disabilities. To continue to strive toward higher levels of collaboration and impact, always moving toward the ideals of EVERYONE WELCOME, EVERYWHERE, Project Access needs you!

When you become a partner, you will have opportunities that include...

  • Having your organization's logo and a link to your organization’s fundraising page featured on the Project Access website, bringing people who care directly to your funding requests
  • Connecting directly with the media by sharing your downloadable press releases in the “For Press” section
  • Getting the chance to highlight your organization's work in accessibility in local and national forums by writing blog posts or participating in podcast interviews
  • Serving as a role model and mentor for others working towards better accessibility in their own institutions by answering questions posed to the “Ask the Experts” online feature
  • Taking leadership or advisory roles and collaborating with other partners on Project Access initiatives designed to further the ideals of EVERYONE WELCOME, EVERYWHERE in your community and beyond

If one or more of these opportunities sound interesting to you, take on a leadership role in your community Get Involved, or join in as a volunteer. We hope you will consider coming together with other local leaders in access and inclusion on this exciting journey. Together we really can enrich the lives of everyone and model truly inclusive, thriving communities for the rest of the world.