Dick Cavett

The author and legendary talk show host is known for his candor, as he revealed in a conversation with Project Access co-founder Elisabeth Axel.

"I have to confess that I never thought about the barriers that confront people with disabilities. Now that I’m tuned in, it’s amazing to me to think that we lived for years without ramps! But beyond that, it never really occurred to me that the idea of doing certain things for disabled people, like widening doors and installing ramps, is not enough, whether it’s a museum or a concert hall or even a zoo It’s just damn lucky that somebody is pushing this. And that somebody is Project Access.

I think a lot of people in show business should be wiling to get behind it. Who wouldn’t like the idea of increasing your audience? Once people learn about it I think they’d be eager to do something.

The idea of the Project Access web site is a wonderful thing, to think of people all over the country searching it and finding things they can do where they live. It should be a huge success."

Dick has supported Project Access since its inception in 2010, adding his voice to a fundraising gala. And he draws on his friendship with another show biz legend, Groucho Marx, to explain why everyone should support Project Access.

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