Kate Mulgrew

The popular and award winning actress of stage, screen, and television played one of her most important roles as a caregiver when her mother Joan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Since her mother's death in 2006, Kate has been a passionate and dedicated advocate for finding a cure for the devastating disease and for supporting caregivers and families of victims.

She's a long-time Champion for the Alzheimer's Association, and now she's a Champion for Project Access because of the opportunities it offers to early and mid-stage Alzheimer's victims and their caregivers.

"The opportunities came too late for my mom to benefit, but today art museums across the country have programs, tours, and workshops specifically geared to people living with Alzheimer's. Engaging with art in museum settings provides companionship, conversation, and stimulation and improves the quality of life for patents and for their caregivers. I applaud these museums for opening their doors to this population. About 5 million Americans are currently diagnosed with Alzheimer's and as the boomer generation ages, the number will undoubtedly grow."

(Click on the picture of Kate to hear her inspiring keynote speech at New York's 24th Annual Mayoral Conference on Alzheimer's Disease)

Museum programs for people with Alzheimer's began with pioneering work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Here is a sampling of museums that now offer programs for Alzheimer's patients. To find a museum near you, search the Project Access site.

  • Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Studio Museum in Harlem, NY
  • Cape Cod Museum of Art, MA
  • Kemper Art Museum, St. Louis MO
  • Kresge Art Museum, Michigan State University
  • Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri
  • Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester
  • Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix AR
  • Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth TX
  • Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica CA

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