The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine

Facility Access Information

Main Entrance
112th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, with 23 steps and multiple handrails.
Accessible Entrance
Ramp entrance located on 113th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive, with one handrail.
Lift located inside the Cathedral for access to the Eastern End of the building and covers 5 steps with one handrail.
Wheelchairs Available
Visitor Center
Accessible Restrooms
All restrooms are accessible
Service Animals
Pre-Visit Information
Other Important Pre-Visit Information
The Cathedral is open every day of the year, 8am - 6pm. The Visitor Center and Information Desk is open 9am - 5pm every day of the year, with exception of holidays. The seating, lighting, and accessible areas within the Cathedral change according to the calendar of events. Please call (212) 932-7347 or (212) 316-7540 if you have any questions or concerns regarding your visit.

If you are scheduling a guided program for a group, please call (212) 932-7347.
Visitor Information Desk
The following items are available. Please ask for them at the information desk
Large-print floor plans
Braille/tactile floor plans
Magnifying glasses
Notepad and pencil (for deaf and other visitors)
Galleries and Exhibits
Tactile or Multisensory Exhibits
The Cathedral is open every day of the year, 8am-6pm. Tactile and olfactory items are available at the Cathedral's Visitor Center and Information Desk, every day from 9am-5pm, with the exception of holidays. Organ demonstrations for the general public are offered most Mondays 1pm-2pm.
Tours and Scheduled Programs
Guided programs can be customized for visitors of all ages and abilities (cognitive, sensory, physical, and behavioral). One such program is the Sensory Tour (Grades K-12)
Employ sight, touch, sound, smell and taste to experience the arts, history, and function of the Cathedral over the ages. This program utilizes universal design to engage and accommodate students' needs and is appropriate for general education and special education students alike.

This program addresses the following New York State Learning Standards: English Language Arts 1, 3, 4; Social Studies 1, 2; Arts 2, 3, 4.

Please call (212) 932-7347 at least two weeks in advance to arrange a guided program.
Our Access Programs Use
Touch Tours
ASL Tours
Original touchable objects
Tactile diagrams
Verbal descriptions
Art-making activities
Hands-on classroom activities
Drama and movement
Music and sound
Other Programs for Audiences with Diverse Needs
Guided programs can be customized for visitors of all ages and abilities (cognitive, sensory, physical, and behavioral).
Welcome to the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, the Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of New York and the seat of its Bishop. Our pastoral, educational, cultural, and community outreach programs serve the needs of a diverse City, Nation and World. We invite you to become part of the energy that awaits all who walk through our doors. Public Education programs for students and adults build bridges between the Cathedral and its public, offer a sense of community, develop tolerance and the ability to make sense out of chaos. The Cathedral's Department of Public Education & Visitor Services provides opportunities for all visitors to encounter, experience and learn about the Cathedral and to extend these opportunities in exciting and stimulating ways.