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Welcome to the Project Access relaunch. This is a temporary platform as our website is refreshed.

We welcome your partnership. Take on a leadership role, or join in as a volunteer. Host an accessible meeting online or take the initiative to begin something new. Together we can enrich our own lives and model truly inclusive, thriving communities.

Project Access is a community consortium. “We” means all community organizations (that means you as well!). Our communities are diverse. What we share is a message: The Disability Community is loud, we’re proud, we vote and we will work together to make ourselves known!

With the NYC Mayor’s Office For People with Disabilities, we are making tremendous progress in celebrating access and inclusion, but we need your help as a Partner so together we can create a fabulous Year as we mark the Americans with Disabilities Act 31st Anniversary.

We are reaching out to our non-disabled allies in action and education.

We are fighting for our Civil Rights -- for our community to be treated with equity at medical centers, and with equity in our City and State budget when there is a shortfall.

Growing our numbers.


We are many voices, with one vision: Opportunity, Equality, Inclusion.

Right now, there are no logos on this website. When community groups upload their logos and names through the Partner Form, they will be added to this site. We want to re-launch Project Access for All in the right way: Together.

Join in Creating and Organizing...

  • Public Virtual “happenings”, performances and art works will be launched now throughout 2021-22 on social media and virtual celebratory events.
  • Disability Unite Festival: Celebrate the birthday of the ADA! The Disability Unite Festival will take place on the date of the signing of the ADA as a celebration of Disability Pride for the NYC community, and communities across the country. The event will have 3 different live stream “stages” and include something for everyone!
  • #ACTion campaign and the #BannerProject

Project Access for All was launched nationally in 2010 with a Working Group of the Obama Administration. Project AccessNYC was launched on August 9, 2011 at Gracie Mansion by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Commissioner Matt Sapolin. Commissioner Sapolin was a founder and first Project AccessNYC Co-Chair. The Project Access website acts as a central hub, enabling all people with disabilities to easily access programs, events and materials through a searchable function filtering organizations and programs by category, location, discipline and more. Project Access is not owned by any one institution or individual and aims to reflect the vision of its users through a platform for direct engagement to further opportunity, equality and inclusion throughout the community.

Most content shared on this site will also be utilized on Disability Unite is an initiative of Project Access For All and the NYC Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities. While the platform is called "Disability Unite", we acknowledge and respect that the disability community represents a broad cross-section of groups, communities, and individuals identified by race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion, age, or disability status. Each individual/group will have different opinions and has the unconditional right to advocate in whatever way they prefer.

Project Access Partner Form

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By becoming a Project Access for All Partner you hereby voluntarily and without compensation authorize the NYC Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, the City of New York and Project Access for All and Disability Unite coordinated by Art Beyond Sight, to use photographs, video, voice recordings, and/or biographical information that are uploaded to the site to be used for print, television, radio, website and social media postings for the purpose of promoting the Project Access for All, Disability Unite which is an initiative of Project Access for All, the Disability Unite Festival and the work of the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities.