Disability Unite

A Virtual Celebration of Community

Our community is wonderfully diverse, and each individual’s and group’s unique ideas, thoughts and preferences are what make us so amazing! What we share is a message for all to hear: The Disability Community is loud, we’re proud, we vote and we will work together to make ourselves heard!

Join our community for events, programs and a virtual festival this July to celebrate Disability Pride month! The Disability Unite site will connect partner organizations and people throughout NYC, around the country and across the world in celebrating Disability Pride and furthering a message of Opportunity, Equity and Inclusion.

While the platform is called "Disability Unite", we acknowledge and respect that the disability community represents a broad cross-section of groups, communities, and individuals identified by race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion, age, or disability status. Each individual/group will have different opinions and should advocate in whatever way they prefer.

The events on this platform are for the community, by the community. That means all Project Access Partners will be invited to become a partner on Disability Unite website as well, and have their logo (with a link to their website) shown on the “Community Partners” page to acknowledge their involvement, and introduce viewers to their websites and social media.

Led by a community Working Group co-chaired by the NYC Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities and Art Beyond Sight, Project Access is an "open" consortium which reflects the ideas and events of the disability community.


Two distinct events Project Access will be coordinating through Disability Unite this July:

Disability Unite Festival (July 26th)

Celebrate the birthday of the ADA! The Disability Unite Festival will take place on the date of the signing of the ADA as a celebration of Disability Pride for the NYC community, and communities across. The event will have 3 different live stream “stages” and include something for everyone!

  • Stage 1 will host musical and dance performances.
  • Stage 2 will host thought provoking interviews and discussion panels.
  • Stage 3 will host a “twitch style” gaming convention with participants from all communities.


Self-Advocacy Day (July 8th)

Start off the July celebrations with a Student Driven Day of Self-Advocacy to support Next Generation leadership development. If your 20 something or younger, join us.

  • Have the opportunity to have a voice within your community for self-determination
  • Shape the narrative about your community
  • Provoke dialogue and advocate for cultural change.
  • Connect with older advocates.

This event will move to further the message of Opportunity, Equity and Inclusion and support your growth in Advocacy.

This website is intended to become a community resource to host virtual disability-inclusive events in the most accessible manner possible.

Our full July lineup including partner events is still being created, so become a Project Access Partner and contact us if you’d like to participate, create an event or have your program hosted on the Disability Unite platform!