The #BannerUnity Project

Creating Understanding, Leadership, Pride and Self Determination

Art Beyond Sight, Small Businesses and Business Improvement Districts, Project Access for All and the NYC Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities, invites you to celebrate Disability Pride. 


Calling people with disabilities of all ages to share original artwork that celebrates the diversity of your community and that reflects Disability Pride, Leadership, Self Determination and Joy!

Let's join together as a community and in collaboration with Mayor’s Offices for People with Disabilities, have selections of the art work made by members of our community made into banners that will line the streets of New York (and we hope across the country) in 2021.

Post your Banner on Instagram or other Social Media and #BannerUnity and @DisabilityUnite.
Please also email us at We'll share logos -- so we will showcase our diversity, as well as our unity as a Community-Wide Arts Activation--   manufacturing specifications and permission release forms.

If you have a place for a Banner or funding to support this Community-Driven Arts Activation, we'd appreciate hearing from you too. Working together we can achieve something as beautiful as the AIDS Memorial Quilt Activation.

For individuals:
Share out to the world how you self-identify and what you want people to know about you and about our community. 
Make a banner, paint it, draw a picture on it, write a (very short) poem, make a collage using photographs or cutouts, use digital art, or any medium you are comfortable expressing yourself in. 

For Community Organizations:
What do you want to share about your activities and your special spirit? Keep in mind your audience is both non-disabled allies as well as disabled people who may not know there is a resource for support, an cultural institution or sports and entertainment venue that will provide a genuine welcome, or the variety of activities that our community offers. (Tandem Bicycling anyone:)! 

For Professional Artists and Arts Organizations:
We welcome partnership and encourage organizations to apply for grants for your participation. This is a community driven project (similar to the AIDS Memorial Quilt). Please include manufacturing costs in your budget. For a letter of support contact and we'll be glad to also share manufacturing specifications with you and budget information. 

Design Your Banner:

We recommend you use bright colors. When you are done, take a picture of your work in the highest resolution you have access to. Upload it to Instagram or other social media with the hashtag #BannerUnity @disabilityunite. Also email for manufacturing specifications and permission release forms. 

  1. Your design must follow the vertical template provided. Banners need to be 9” x 24” with a 2” margin around. 
  2. The top 10” should remain blank so you can add your name. To do this, measure 10” from the top and mark you piece there. Then below you can begin your creation.

Choose your materials:

Paint: acrylic paint, or tempera paint. We recommend bright colors. 

Markers: Art markers, paint markers or brush markers

Collage: Images from the community, newspapers, etc. Only use images which do not need copyright permission or for which you own the copyright. 

All mediums included below are eligible:

• Painting, Drawing, Tactile based art (Embossed Braille and Raised Drawings)

• Photography

• Digital artwork

Submit your organization’s banner through the Google #Banner Project form.
Email administrator@artbeyondsight to receive this form.
Information that must be included

• Your full name

• Email

• Artwork title

• Medium, size and year made

• Take a hi-resolution photograph of your artwork

• Upload your picture on Instagram #BannerUnity. 

• Provide a brief statement about yourself or your organization and the artworks submitted

• Image audio description and captions required. Audio content must have transcripts.