About Access Virginia

Project Access Virginia aims to facilitate a platform for direct engagement among stakeholders in their local community, and in the world. Finding strength in numbers, we seek to successfully break the barriers of participation, as well as advocate for and advance the cause of full access to people with disabilities, especially in the areas of employment, technology, transportation, health, sports and recreation, and civic engagement. We strive to create a permanent infrastructure where everyone comes together in the spirit of collaboration, discussion, and innovation around accessibility and inclusion. This infrastructure can serve as a model for cities across the country and around the world.

What is Project Access?

A series of locally sponsored community-wide initiatives designed to connect arts and cultural institutions, parks and recreation, stadiums, libraries and other entertainment venues with audiences with disabilities. It is also the metro portal for Project Access for All, which is home to the first database of accessible places and programs, as well as an open-source accessibility and inclusion best practices resource center. Project Access for All works on a national level and an international level, while Project Access Virginia provides a vital forum for diverse voices within a neighborhood’s own accessibility community.

How Does Project Access Virginia Work?

By creating opportunities for direct engagement between arts and cultural agencies from all communities and disability groups, Project Access aims to make accessible the wealth of resources available to all lovers of art and culture, including those with disabilities. Through Project Access anyone can find out about the accessible art, science, history, and children’s museums, aquariums, botanical gardens, dance companies, galleries, libraries, parks and historic sites, sports arenas, theaters, zoos, and other cultural and entertainment centers in the area.

Project Access participating organizations and community members seek to: