Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

230 Wedgewood Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99701


230 Wedgewood Drive
99701 Fairbanks , AK
United States
Phone: 907-450-2100
Alaska US
The Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum showcases three remarkable collections under one roof: classic cars, vintage fashion and Alaska transportation history. Visitors can explore how American automobile design and clothing styles evolved dramatically from the late Victorian Age through the Roaring 20s and Art Deco eras. Over 60 rare vehicles are on display, including horseless carriages, steam automobiles, electric cars, speedsters, cyclecars, midget racers and 30s classics. Historic flapper dresses, opera gowns, tuxedos, tea dresses, everyday clothes and 1700s formals are exhibited throughout the galleries. The museum also vividly portrays Alaska’s zany automotive history through vintage photographs, exhibit panels and archival movies. Several original Alaska vehicles are on display, including the Territory’s very first car (built in 1905 by a man who had never seen a car before!).

Facility Access Information

Wheelchair Parking Location: 
Several spaces near each entrance.
Main Entrance: 
No stairs.
Accessible Entrance: 
Main entrance is wheelchair accessible but doors are not automatic.
Wheelchairs Available: 
At admissions desk.
Accessible Restrooms: 
All restrooms are accessible
Segways Not Allowed
Service Animals: 
Sitting Area Location: 
Near admissions desk and throughout building
Pre-Visit Information
Other Important Pre-Visit Information: 
We are able to do touch-tours for people with visual impairments if given two weeks advance notice.
Visitor Information Desk
The following items are available. Please ask for them at the information desk: 
Magnifying glasses
Notepad and pencil (for deaf and other visitors)
Audio guides
Audio guides that are T-coil compatible and have volume control
Neck loops and headsets
Audio guides featuring recorded verbal descriptions
Audio guide transcripts
Tours and Scheduled Programs
Docents are usually available to lead verbal tours for individuals but calling ahead is recommended. Touch tours can be arranged with a two-week advance notice. Grous tours can be reserved by visiting our website.
Our Access Programs Use: 
Verbal Description Tours
Touch Tours
Verbal descriptions