Hofstra University Museum

Facility Access Information

Wheelchair Parking Location
Immediately Adjacent to Emily Lowe Gallery
Main Entrance
Zero steps required
Accessible Entrance
Emily Lowe Gallery - Flat surface entry to Museum and Gallery. No steps or elevator access required.
David Filderman Gallery in Axinn Library - Located on the 9th Floor of the Library this gallery is accessible via outdoor ramp systems and an elevator.
Wheelchairs Available
Hofstra University Public Safety building on the corner of Hempstead Tpke and California Avenue
Children’s Backpack Carriers
Accessible Restrooms
All restrooms are accessible
Family/Unisex Restroom
Family / unisex restroom available (wheelchair accessible)
Family/Unisex Restroom Location
Emily Lowe Gallery and Basement Level of Axinn Library
Segways Not Allowed
Service Animals
Sitting Area Location
Outside of Emily Lowe Gallery, inside Emily Lowe Gallery, inside David Filderman Gallery, at various stops along the Outdoor Sculpture Tour
Portable Chairs
Emily Lowe Gallery
Pre-Visit Information
Other Important Pre-Visit Information
For further information you can contact the Museum at 516-463-5672 or visit the website at www.hofstra.edu/museum
Visitor Information Desk
The following items are available. Please ask for them at the information desk
Large-print exhibition labels
Magnifying glasses
Audio guides
Galleries and Exhibits
Tactile or Multisensory Exhibits
Hofstra University Museum offers self-guided tours of the Outdoor Sculpture Collection with family activities included. Individuals are encouraged to touch the sculptures while on tour.
Audio Exhibits
iPod tours are available in Emily Lowe Gallery. Touch screen materials are also available currently in Emily Lowe Gallery.
Large-Print Materials
Large-Print text for all wall labels is provided in both Emily Lowe Gallery and David Filderman Gallery for all exhibitions.
Tours and Scheduled Programs
Group tours are available by prior arrangement with the Museum's Education Department. Contact either Caroline Bigelow at 516-463-5672 or Nancy Richner at 516-463-4041 for further information. You can also find information on the Museum's website at www.hofstra.edu/museum
Our Access Programs Use
Touch Tours
Original touchable objects
Verbal descriptions
Information about Programs and Upcoming Exhibits
You can find out about our regular and accessible programs from
Please visit www.hofstra.edu/museum for information about exhibitions and public programs
To join our mailing list or receive a newsletter/access newsletter
Please call 516-463-5672 to become a member of the Hofstra University Museum's mailing list or contact Tiffany Jordan at 516-463-3565 or Tiffany.M.Jordan@hofstra.edu
Media showcasing programs available for visitors with disabilities
Media (You Tube) available for visitors participating in institutions online
The Hofstra University Museum does not currently have a You Tube designated video for visitors.
Dear Visitor, We welcome you to discover and explore the Hofstra University Museum (HUM) located on the South Campus of Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. The HUM is an AAM accredited museum serving Long Island since 1963. The current collection contains close to 5,000 objects from six continents that span from 5,000 BCE to the contemporary. Our galleries are accessible to all audiences, and each exhibition features large print versions of our wall text. We offer iPOD tours as well as touch-screen technology for further explorations of exhibitions in our Emily Lowe Gallery. The HUM hosts an outdoor sculpture collection of close to 70 works by artists such as Paul Manship, Henry Moore, and John Safer. The Museum offers tacile exploration tours, Family Sculpture Exploration Backpack self-guided tours, and other opportunities for interactions with our campus works. Come visit and be inspired and transformed! Beth E. Levinthal Executive Director