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Welcome to PEER Incorporated! A non-profit 501c3 'PORTABLE' service organization that designs programming, presentations, performances and workshops for schools, community organizations, correctional facilities and companies, based on YOUR NEEDS...planning with you while encouraging, working and designing programming for inclusive environments. I.E...we take the arts and/or educational presentations, workshops, and programming where they often are not received. Whether it's a performing, visual or literary arts experience for youth, seniors or multi-generational groups, PEER is the answer. Need a venue? No problem. PEER collaborates with The Arts League of Michigan Virgil H Carr Center, located in Detroit, MI. PEER Inc...Shaping a nation by changing a community through the arts. Creating experiences; Touching others; Provoking throughts. CONTACT US TODAY. YOU'LL BE SURPRISED AT WHAT PEER INC CAN DO FOR YOU.