Facility Access Information

Accessible Entrance
The Museum's grounds are accessible as are nearly all of our buildings. Paths, walkways and roads consist of firmly packed gravel or slate surfaces and the terrain varies in slope and surface. Because each building is unique we have published a Physical Accessibility Guide to help you plan your day. It is available at the admissions desk. To have a copy of the accessibility guide sent to you, please contact us at: (802) 985-3346 or e-mail us at: <a href="mailto: info@shelburnemuseum.org?Subject=Accessibility Guide">
Café / Restaurant
Café/Restaurant is wheelchair accessible
Wheelchairs Available
We have four standard size wheelchairs available on a first-come-first-served basis. You may reserve a wheelchair in advance, or just request it when you are here. There is no fee for wheelchairs.
Accessible Restrooms
Some restrooms are accessible
Accessible Restroom Location
Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located at the Museum Store, Railroad Station, Stagecoach Inn, and Museum Cafe.
Service Animals
Sitting Area Location
There are benches located throughout the grounds and in our gardens, as well as visitor seating in many of the buildings. There are tables outside and inside the Cafe.
Pre-Visit Information
Other Important Pre-Visit Information
The Museum strives to make its exhibitions and programs accessible to all visitors. A detailed accessibility guide is available at the Admissions desk. A wheelchair accessible shuttle bus provides transportation around the Museum.
To have a copy of the accessibility guide sent to you, please contact us at: (802) 985-3346 or e-mail us at: <a href="mailto: info@shelburnemuseum.org?Subject=Accessibility Guide">
info@shelburnemuseum.org</a>. It is also available at the admissions desk.
Visitor Information Desk
The following items are available. Please ask for them at the information desk
Notepad and pencil (for deaf and other visitors)
Staff members trained in sighted guide technique
Other Resources
Guide staff are available throughout the grounds and are happy to assist all visitors. Staff wear blue shirts or fleece jackets and photo ID badges.
Galleries and Exhibits
Tactile or Multisensory Exhibits
On the <i>Ticonderoga</i>, an "Access and Explore" notebook has images and information about inaccessible portions of the boat.
Audio Exhibits
Audio guides are available in some exhibitions.
Printed guides and/or label copy are available in most exhibits for visitors with hearing impairments.
Tours and Scheduled Programs
Art at Hand: Tours of Shelburne Museum for visitors who are blind or visually impaired. Two hours long and led by specially-trained museum guides, Art at Hand tours include exploration of a gallery space, verbal descriptions of works of art, and opportunities to feel tactile objects related to the collection. Visit the Shelburne Museum website for more information including dates and how to register: <a href="http://shelburnemuseum.org/learn/adults/activities-and-tours">http://shelburnemuseum.org/learn/adults/activities-and-tours</a>
Our Access Programs Use
Verbal Description Tours
Touch Tours
Original touchable objects
Touch objects (replicas, facsimiles, props)
Verbal descriptions
Art-making activities
Other Programs for Audiences with Diverse Needs
Mornings at the Museum: Special programming for residents at local care facilities that serve the needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s disease.

Located in Vermont’s scenic Lake Champlain Valley, Shelburne Museum is one of the finest, most diverse, and unconventional museums of art and Americana. Over 150,000 works are exhibited in a remarkable setting of 37 exhibition buildings, 25 of which are historic and were relocated to the Museum grounds.