Project Access would like to thank GLAAD for its advice and partnership for our communities.

The visibility of people with disabilities and the emphasis on accessibility and inclusion have grown
steadily in recent decades. Perspectives, resources, and terminology are constantly evolving, as is
the Project Access Media Reference Guide.

We attempt here to provide reference materials, tips, and best practices for journalists reporting on
issues surrounding disability, equity, accessibility, and inclusion. These resources come from Project Access
and its partners and experts. This is not intended to be a complete encyclopedic set of
documents, but we hope that it will be a useful tool to facilitate fair and respectful media
representation of individuals with disabilities, their roles in our diverse communities, and those
organizations that strive to engage and welcome them fully.

This body of content will continue to grow and evolve, so please return to this page periodically to
learn more and get the most up-to-date material.