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#ACTion  - Advocate, Commit, & Transform


Ready… Set… ACTion!



Your 1-minute video can help change lives.
Join us in our campaign to shine a light on the disability community
and end discrimination.

Upload your video to YouTube and tag friends, family, peers, and colleagues using the hashtag
 and @disabilityunite to join the campaign. Need help creating a video?

Click here for instructions.

July 2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of the civil rights organization Disabled In Action and the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act — our national commitment to eliminating discrimination against people with disabilities. Yet equal opportunity continues to elude the disability community. Be a part of the change.  

Take #ACTion by creating 1-minute videos.
Advocate and educate.
Share your story or your #ACTion @disabilityunite

Begin your 1-minute video with one of these starters (or make up our own!):

  • I’m taking #ACTion by calling all global citizens to recognize disability as part of diversity and inclusion
  • I’m taking #ACTion by Getting Out the Vote…
  • I’m taking #ACTion by taking these actions in my community…
  • I’m taking #ACTion by celebrating my identity and my community…
  • I’m taking #ACTion by sharing what I’d like my community to know about how to include me…

Access Check:

People who are blind or have low vision:
Include in your video a description of yourself and your surroundings.

For Deaf/deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities: Speak clearly so YouTube will transcribe what you say well. Include a Google doc link to the words to songs, poetry, words spoken in your video for people who are Deaf/deaf.

Camera Tips:

Best to film video horizontally.
Have good lighting, check your microphone volume so you are heard, look into the camera. The best size to record at is 1920x1080

Legal Check:
Please only use music, lyrics, and video clips for which you own the copyright.

Join our fast-growing Disability Unite community in a social media campaign to help raise awareness about the inequities millions of Americans face every day — Americans who are proud and working together to make themselves known. Disability rights are human rights. Everyday citizens, celebrated figures, and people with disabilities are rewriting the age-old narrative that keeps the disability community underrepresented. Every supporter adds to the collective message.