Partner Initiatives

London Beyond Sight - A 2013 Jodi Award Winner

A resource audio describing London's landmarks for people who are blind or have low
vision, both visitors and Londoners alike.

VocalEyes has invited a number of prominent Londoners to give their voice to and work with our professional describers to create a series of descriptions for landmarks and hidden gems in London. The famous Londoners will give their reasons for selecting their landmark and share some fascinating stories and personal memories.

New York Beyond Sight -

With New York Beyond Sight, you can experience NYC as you’ve never heard it before! Prominent New Yorkers describe their favorite works of art and culture, architecture, and city landmarks. Hear politicians, actors, artists, businesspeople, and community leaders use verbal descriptions to make New York’s visual culture accessible to all—including people with vision loss. Right click and open new tab on the following link if you wish to open it.