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Our field has been quite successful in collaborative, multi-disciplinary research. Often Art Beyond Sight is contacted by a researcher, who does not know there exists half-way around the world (or sometimes in their own backyard) a researcher interested in another aspect, or another approach to the same problem. To keep moving forward, we need to share what might seem to some to be quite focused research projects, and have on board for the thinkers enough quantity of people with disabilities who are equally thoughtful to make this research move forward. We hope you’ll connect here.

Sharing of Projects

Without question, academic theory and educational programming and curricula materials have essential roles in the development and implementation of successful programs, resources, and initiatives. Yet how we translate and adapt all of these to our own group’s specific requirements often do not—and, indeed, should not—fall into neat cookie cutter replication formats. Instead, we’ve found that a customized approach is the way to go. To achieve the best results for the needs and objectives of your organization and those you seek to serve through your initiatives, why not take the formats, tools, and methodology that have worked for other like-minded organizations and adapt them to create your unique spin based on your own individual needs and goals.

Through our “real world access” approach, we seek to help you do precisely this. Our aim is to provide a forum where we invite our partners and collaborators to offer their project description and templates as a foundation and starting off base for you to build upon. Hopefully their ideas, success stories, work plans and strategies, etc. will provide you with the inspiration and practical templates upon which to create your own. We believe there’s no need to constantly re-invent the wheel. Working as a community with common goals, we can share and learn from one another, taking bits and pieces from one another to create something totally innovative and tailored for individual success.

With this in mind, please participate in the sharing process. If you are an organization who has a successful initiative you think will be of interest and benefit to colleagues in the disability and access community, please contribute your experiences and knowledge here.

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