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What is Project Access for All?

Project Access is not owned by any one institution or individual. Its aim is to reflect the vision of its users through a platform for direct engagement among recreation and entertainment centers, national and local parks, cultural heritage sites, cultural institutions, arts organizations, and disability service providers and advocacy groups.

There has always been exemplary collaboration and sharing in our field. Art Beyond Sight initiated this platform with the help of partner organizations to honor the hard work organizations are already doing, and create a permanent infrastructure enabling colleagues to easily come together along with their patrons in the spirit of collaboration, discussion, and innovation around accessibility and inclusion. In order for this site to work, please get active. Take a leadership role. Don’t feel you are overstepping. Art Beyond Sight is only in New York City. If all hands are on deck, it’s sure to be a fun voyage. Let’s show the world what New Yorkers and the Big Apple can accomplish!

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Cultural Access and Inclusion Resources

This resource center is an open-source website that brings together the expertise and experience of people working towards access and inclusion around the country. You can discover multiple perspectives and practical solutions to make your organization’s offerings more welcoming to people with disabilities. Find the latest in accessibility research and best practices, training tools, articles, videos, blogs and more… Start exploring now!

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Have you got a great resource related to accessibility and inclusion? Created a program you’re really proud of? Discovered a strategy that works really well? Share your findings with colleagues from arts organizations, cultural institutions, recreational venues, and disability organizations from across the nation and around the world. Share

Find the information, suggestions, research, and best practices you need to move forward in making your institution more welcoming to people with disabilities. You can search by entering keywords across a number of different parameters. Find

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for? Want to see the scope of what’s available here? Browse the resource center categories and topics, everything from target audience to type of institution. Browse

Just getting started in the field of cultural accessibility and inclusion? Check out the featured resources in the Access Academy section. It will help you learn the basics and get moving in the right direction. Access Academy

Want to see who’s who? Visit the Resource Center Directory to meet your peers, find partners near and far, and connect with fellow Project Access community members. Resource Center Directory

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